Survivorship – A Path Toward a Healthy Future

CARTI has a long history of not just treating cancer, but caring for the whole patient and their family. For more than 40 years, CARTI has been providing patient-centered, cutting-edge cancer care to every patient referred for treatment. At CARTI, you’ll discover a number of services provided venture far outside the lines of our full-range of treatment options. This is precisely the dedication that enables us to treat beyond the cancer into survivorship.

In cancer, survivorship focuses on the health and life of a person with cancer from the time of diagnosis throughout the balance of their life.    It covers the physical, psychosocial, and economic issues of cancer, beyond the diagnosis and treatment phases. Survivorship includes issues related to the ability to get health care and follow-up treatment, late effects of treatment, second cancers, and quality of life. Family members, friends, and caregivers are also considered part of the survivorship experience.

CARTI has a full fledged Resource Program to help our patients and their families from the first day of survivorship.

  • Yoga sponsored by Donna Terrell’s Yoga Warriors – Yoga classes are offered for any cancer patient, survivor or caregiver. Offered  at the CARTI Cancer Center in the Board Room. Click here for more information.  Registration is encouraged but drop-ins are welcome.
  • CARTI Caregiver Workshop – Held monthly specifically for cancer caregivers, this hour  long workshop will answer questions and provide support for the hardest job.  Click here to register or for more information.
  • Smoking Cessation — Click here to learn more about CARTI’s seven-week smoking cessation program for CARTI patients and members of the community, giving a smoker the tools to quit forever. Contact Carolyn  Garrett at 501-660-7610 for more class information.
  • Healthy Lung Screening – The goal of lung cancer screening is to detect lung cancer at a very early stage — when it is more likely to be cured. Screening is appropriate for people who are at the greatest risk for developing lung cancer.  Click here to see if you qualify and to learn more about scheduling a screening today. 
  • Massage Therapy – At CARTI, we work hard to help reduce the stress and tension that patients can sometimes experience before, during and after treatment.  Thanks to a grant from the CARTI Foundation, patients are referred to a local licensed massage therapist who is specially trained in oncology to help relieve the fatigue often associated with cancer treatments. Visit with your Resource Coordinator or Front Office Representative about how to schedule your massage therapy appointment.
  • Emotional Counseling —Depression, anxiety and stress can sometimes accompany a cancer diagnosis.  Talk to a CARTI social worker to see if you qualify for counseling.  Click here for contact information. 
  • Financial Counseling – The cancer journey is not only draining on the body, it can be stressful and confusing financially.  CARTI’s Financial Services department is ready to help you navigate insurance benefits, medicare application processes, etc as well as provide financial assistance to those who qualify. Call 501-537-8641 if you have questions.
  • Registered Dietitian – After treatment, nutrition can play a large part in staying healthy and cancer free.  CARTI dietitian Patricia Champion, MS, RD, LD is available to help patients make the best choices for a healthy future. Ask your physician for more details.

You can also search through CARTI’s eLibrary for more information.