At CARTI, we recognize that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. We believe very strongly in caring for the patient as a whole — including their physical, emotional and financial well being.

Our Resource and Appearance Centers, housed on the second floor of the CARTI Cancer Center, is available to help patients and their families deal with a diagnosis. The Centers are staffed by Carolyn Garrett, a two-time cancer survivor and longtime CARTI employee.

Resource Center

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, stop by the CARTI Resource Center, which houses information about programs and services available not just at CARTI but throughout the state. We house the most up-to-date materials and information about trusted websites, and we can help register you or provide details about the following programs:

  • Cancer 101 — A program that shares what to expect once you have been diagnosed. Trained professionals will share with you everything from fatigue to skin care, and you’ll walk away feeling informed and knowing what to expect during your treatment.
  • Cancer Survivor Retreats — Held four times a year atop Petit Jean Mountain, these Retreats are free of charge and help patients and their caregivers cope with a cancer diagnosis.
  • CARTI’s Massage Therapy Programs — To help relieve the fatigue, anxiety and stress that accompanies a diagnosis and treatment, CARTI offers patients two massages during chemotherapy and two massages during radiation treatments. Simply stop by for information on how to schedule an appointment.
  • Emotional Counseling —Talk to a CARTI social worker to see if you qualify for counseling.
  • Smoking Cessation — Click here to learn more about CARTI’s seven-week smoking cessation program for CARTI patients and members of the community, giving a smoker the tools to quit forever. Call Carolyn Garrett at 501-660-7610 if you are interested in this class.
  • Assistance with transportation — CARTI offers fuel and lodging for those who qualify financially.
  • Nutritional Support — For those who may need it, CARTI offers nutritional supplements and consults with a dietitian.

Appearance Center

Staffed by trained professionals and volunteers, CARTI’s Appearance center offers:

  • Locks, Lips & Lashes Program  —  A program for women going through cancer treatment that provides them with lessons on skin and nail care, cosmetics, wigs and turbans, accessories and styling.
  • Free Wigs, Hats, Scarves & Apparel — For those who are losing their hair due to treatment (Wigs provided by the American Cancer Society and the Shirley Greene Foundation)
  • Information & Referral Services — CARTI can provide  information about breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras


Call Carolyn at 501-660-7610 for information about any of the programs.